Centercourt goes hand in hand with the sports platform Scoutim, which is expanding in the U.S. market

New York, one of the world’s sports and socioeconomic centers, is home to the Centercourt Tennis Academy, a high-performance center for the training of young people looking to boost their tennis level, has set up a collaboration with Scoutim to launch its first online talent search campaign.

Therefore, through this sports platform, Centercourt Tennis Academy offers young tennis players from anywhere in the world the opportunity to get four scholarships totaling USD 10,000 to train with pro coaches, who daily train some of America’s best prospects. In fact, after training at Centercourt high performance center, some former Centercourt alumni have successfully competed in the U.S. Open or are attending some of America’s greatest universities, such as Yale and Columbia.

To be eligible for one of the four scholarships, male and female applicants must create their own profile on Scoutim’s official website,, and sign up for the operation. Athletes are not required to be professional in order to take part in the campaign, as amateur players can also apply for it. Thus, applicants must only fulfil the requirement of being between 11 and 18 years old. If the age criterion is met, all candidates regardless of their tennis level and no matter where they come from or live, are welcome.

Those chosen will enjoy a week of intensive training and work on concepts such as strength, speed and agility, coordination or recovery. In addition, housing and food are provided by Centercourt.

Finally, it should be noted that Centercourt Tennis Academy uses the Universal Tennis Ranking System (UTR) in its criteria for assessing playersalong with other intangible attributes such as commitment, discipline, aspiration or additional self-learning.

Equipo Scoutim

Scoutim es la comunidad deportiva que nace con el objetivo de democratizar la industria del deporte y dar la oportunidad a deportistas y equipos de alcanzar sus metas.

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